Single Creatives

Teaming creatives since 2010.

SingleCreatives has been helping creatives in advertising find their other half (art director or copywriter) to pair up and work with since 2010.

Users simply uploaded their profile to the website with a link to their work, and then simply waited for fellow advertising folk to get in touch with the intention of pairing up to become a team for the industry. After 10 years of the site running on Tumblr, it was time for the site to be refreshed with a new colour palette and identity as well as a much needed platform update and migration across to WordPress.

Part of the Young Creative Council family, SingleCreatives was designed to use the same aesthetic and branding as the YCC so it would become recognisable to users that it was part of a family of sites.

The build differs slightly from the initial design due to time, and constraints with the plugin, however it still has all the functionality required and has been a success since launching in July 2020.

The main functionality of this site is an intuitive search on the homepage, that quickly filters results for users to see potential partners to work with.

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Chânelle Sharp Design 2020 ©​