London Persian Rug Company

An unrivalled collection of the finest Oriental carpets rugs and runners.

In a heavily competitive market, The London Persian Rug Co. required an update to their brand that would set them apart from their competition. As most of their new customers visited the site before they made contact with the company, it had to deliver on functionality and ensure that the users were persuaded to enquire for their products.

As one of their only touch points of the brand, the website needed to allow users easily to see a snapshot of their stock and easily contact the company in regards to a sale. Priding themselves on the best British service, the London Rug Company were keen to showcase their exemplary services, which included a Free Home Trial, Complimentary Measuring Services and Part Exchange. These were important messages to run through the site so potential customers could easily see that they go above and beyond for their customers, and want to build lasting relationships with clients.

Small features such as parallax text, a rolling navigation menu and the roll in effect on the shop images are all little touches that add to the look and feel of the site. These details add luxury, without being over the top and frustrating for the user journey.

I was Lead Digital Designer on this project whilst working at Deep.

The website is clean and minimal to allow the beautiful intricacies and colours of the rugs to be the focal point on each page.

The wishlist allows customers to easily save their favourite rugs into one place so they can share with the company when deciding upon a style of rug to purchase.

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Chânelle Sharp Design 2020 ©​
Chânelle Sharp Design 2020 ©​