I’m a freelance web and digital designer based in London with 8 years experience. I create thoughtful work for a wide range of clients.

I am passionate about finding intuitive solutions and creating robust designs for websites and apps. Through a carefully considered approach, attention to detail and the highest levels of creativity I create pixel-perfect products that improve the user experience, creating uplift and improving the online presence of that brand.

From wireframes through to the finished product I am engaged throughout the entire process, ensuring that the vision is translated successfully from pen to pixel and has been crafted to match the original design.

Most recently I have been improving the way I design websites, by ensuring that they are designed as environmentally friendly as possible as well as adhering to accessibility standards. I commit to:

  • Creatively using less fonts
  • Ensuring all images are compressed during upload
  • Limiting the use of video
  • Choosing a green hosting provider






Interface design

Digital banners

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On weekends I tend to put down the pixels and instead you’ll find me walking in the countryside, upcycling something, taking pictures of local junk or getting creative in the kitchen. If you’re interested in working with me then say hello and drop me an email.

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