The Diamond Store

Luxury with confidence

The Client

An increase in mobile users meant that the Diamond Store needed upgrading to a fully responsive site.

With statistics showing that 48% of their users were viewing the site on a mobile device, the website needed updating to create an experience that was cohesive across all devices. The new site had to work efficiently on any sized screen without any compromise on the design.

Introducing a serif to work alongside their existing brand font allowed for a greater scope of design, lifting the site to feel more editorial and authoritative in their business.

Alongside an overhaul of the website, a new photographic style was created for their homepage to create more traction and aspiration for the brand.

I was Lead Digital Designer on this project whilst working at Deep. Photography All Rights Reserved © The Diamond Store.







A luxury, sophisticated and modern website for a British jewellery brand

With the new responsive site, mobile users have increased by 177% and converted to purchasing via their device