Jessica Cosmetics

Gorgeous colour, starts with the right foundation

The Client

A mobile-friendly, update for the UK Jessica market.

Gerrard International is the UK distributor of Jessica Cosmetic products. The products were currently housed on the Gerrard International website and the task was to create a brand new website specifically for the brand.

There were no brand guidelines other than the Jessica logo, so the site was kept clean and simple by using monochrome colours, and an easy to read sans-serif font. The colour injected into the site would could from the products and campaigns from the brand itself, which allowed them to stand out.

Having researched and taken inspiration from existing, successful e-commerce sites I kept the UI simple, with an easy flow from the homepage to product categories and then finally purchasing. This was helped by the use of a left hand column for the navigation, this meant that the categories are a constant which aides users as they can always see and access easily the content available.

I was Lead Digital Designer on this project whilst working at Deep. Photography All Rights Reserved © Jessica Cosmetics.

A salon/spa finder allows users to find local businesses that can offer them a service using products from Jessica