Grace Belgravia

Grace Belgravia is London’s leading health, wellbeing and lifestyle club for women

The Client

The new website had to encapsulate the feeling that you get when you are in the club, it needed to evoke new users emotions and encourage them to get in touch and book a tour of the club.

The video content on the homepage included footage from Grace Belgravia as well as still imagery, this was carefully put together to create an emotive introduction to new users so they could experience what Grace Belgravia is about. Including video content is an enticing way to grab the users attention and quickly give them a taste of what the club is about.

One of the most critical points of the new website was to show users that at Grace Belgravia as well as being the Member’s Club, there was also the Medical and Wellbeing clinic which is open to non-members as well, I achieved this by keeping the content succinct on the homepage.

I was Lead Digital Designer on this project whilst working at Deep. Photography All Rights Reserved © Grace Belgravia.


One of the main objectives for the new site was to include a members area that allowed the members to log in and view their personal notes from their doctors, personal trainers, nutritionists and more. The members could access this portal at any point, it has the functionality for them to update and amend notes or reply to messages sent to them from their consultant.

The new site had to work harder to increase enquiries and encourage members to use the members area. Categorising the different areas of the club meant that users could easily get the information they were seeking for without difficulty, as it was all contained within a particular area of the site.